Grand Cayman offers every conceivable type of shopping opportunity, from $5 t-shirts to $50,000 watches and everything in between. Souvenirs, gifts, arts and crafts are available in virtually every store in Grand Cayman, with luxury brands abounding in stores and shops throughout the island and particularly in George Town.

Popular visitor souvenirs include t-shirts, almost anything with Cayman Islands printed on it and Tortuga rums and rum cakes, the latter duty free in the US. Visit Tortugaís rum cake factory in Micro Centre to see their delicious cakes being produced and locally distilled rums.

TIP! Pick up a copy of Activity Guide Magazine for 11% discounts at Tortuga, subject to change.

George Town is home to dozens of camera and jewelry stores carrying every imaginable brand and gem - many at duty-free prices. Shopping in George Town is best done on Saturdays and Mondays, when it is not crowded with cruise passengers. Parking is limited but the stores are all close together and more easily walked. Fiercely competing for cruise passenger revenue, pricing is very competitive and brand prices do not waiver significantly among the various distributors. Haggling is not commonplace however many stores will negotiate to close a sale.

TIP! Always comparison shop for high end items and obtain a certificate of authenticity

Grand Cayman is well known for bargain prices on duty free items, which include: luxury brand watches, jewelry, precious gems, metals, coins, stamps, caymanite, black coral and much more. The absence of duty on many of these items creates favorable pricing opportunities for visitors.

TIP! US citizens can return with up to $800.00 worth of goods per person duty free. As duty allowances are combinable among families, a family of four (including children) would be able to purchase $3,200 duty free. Locally produced crafts including Tortuga Rum Cakes are duty free.

Locally produced products make for memorable gifts and keepsakes, available in stores island-wide, with most favorable prices typically at the supermarkets, where available. Popular local purchases include: Caymanite, thatch woven hats and hand bags; spices, sauces, jams, sea salt and pepper jelly. Holistic items include soaps, lotions, sunscreens and aloe products. Novelty items include "Cayman Islands" branded: books, postcards, refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, cups, shot glasses and many more. Shop for CDs by local talent, including: Barefoot Man, Bona Fide, High Tide and many other talented local artists.

China and crystal shopping is extensive in Grand Cayman, including all major brands: Baccarat, Herend, Lalique, Lladro, Swarovski, Vera Wang, Versace, Waterford and Wedgewood. Caymanite is Grand Caymanís own unique gem, buried beneath the island with brilliant layers of earth tones, waiting patiently for billions of years for expert artists to craft them into mini masterpieces to wear and display. Caymanite, found only in Grand Cayman is always a good choice for shoppers seeking island authentic pieces. Caymanite pendants, beads, beaded bracelets and necklaces are affordable and very popular souvenir items. Mitziís Fine Jewelry has a particularly large and affordable collection of Caymainte merchandise take - a little piece of Grand Cayman home with you!

Leather goods, including luggage and custom handbags can often be found at prices below US average, in several George Town shopping stores. Brands include Cartier, Fhopard, Longchamp and Fendi.

Clothing - particularly beach and resort wear is available in abundance in most major malls, dive shops, resorts, boutiques and resorts island-wide. Shopping for tropical clothing in Grand Cayman is second to none.

Shopping for diving and snorkeling equipment is facilitated by two large retail outlets and dozens of boutique dive shops throughout Grand Cayman. As a general rule, price and supply will be most favorable at the dive retailers.

Shopping opportunities in Grand Cayman are seemingly endless and only a matter of finding the merchandise that best suits your taste and budget.