Diving and snorkeling equipment is not duty-free in the Cayman Islands but the sheer volume and number of local distributors make prices comparable to the US. All of the most popular brands of dive and snorkel gear are available throughout Grand Cayman at dive shops and retail outlets.

The two main dive equipment retailers - Diverís Supply and Diverís World - stock all major brands of dive and snorkel equipment for purchase and rental, as well as repairs and spare parts. Both companies are located in Seven Mile Beach; Divers Supply at West Shore Centre and Diverís World at Seven Mile Shops; prices vary considerably so itís a good idea to visit both for any significant purchases.

On the beach side of Seven Mile Beach you will find a limited selection of dive and snorkel gear at most of the major resorts, albeit at somewhat higher prices than retail stores.

Most of the local dive operators have shops offering dive and snorkel gear, with prices and selection being generally comparable to resort shops.

If you just want to rent mask, fins and snorkel for a peek at the underwater world, you will find that at almost any dive shop or retail outlet for about $10.

Diverís Supply, Divers World and Eden Rock Diving Centre in George Town offer tank and weight rental for about $10; BC and regulator rental are typically $10/each. All prices are based on 24 hour rental.

All dive shops and stores in Grand Cayman require proof of certification for tank rental.