Local arts and crafts are ubiquitous throughout Grand Cayman, and unlike most Caribbean destinations you will not be harassed by street and beach vendors trying to sell their merchandise. Genuine Cayman arts and crafts will be comprised of materials available only in the Cayman Islands, such as Caymanite; while regional crafts may be constructed from any materials commonly found in the Caribbean: Palm Thatch, Conch Shells, etc.

You will find most open air craft markets in George Town and Camana Bay during weekdays and Saturdays with various arts and crafts displays daily, except Sunday.

Seven Mile Beach offers several local arts and crafts stores within West Shore Plaza and Galleria Plaza.

Some of the most creative and affordable arts and crafts are available at many local attractions, such as the Turtle Farm, Pedro’s Castle, Botanical Park and even many restaurants.

TIP! All arts and crafts created in the Cayman Islands are duty-free.